Concord Wallabee Lava Red

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Concord Wallabee Lava Red
Concord Wallabee Lava Red Concord Wallabee Lava Red Concord Wallabee Lava Red Concord Wallabee Lava Red
Brand: Concord
  • Can be worn on the front or the back, quick and easy to put on
  • Ergonomic design: corresponds to the spread-squat sitting position recommended by orthopaedic specialists
  • Neck cuff comfortably supports the head
  • Packs up small – ideal for taking away with you
  • Wide shoulder strap with cross-over belt guide to ensure optimum weight distribution
  • Stable hip strap takes the weight off the wearer’s shoulders
  • By tying the carrying strap, the baby carrier attaches to the body well
  • Extra sheet as an additional headrest; can be adjusted into 3 positions
  • Outer fabric is 100 % cotton, so soft on the skin
  • Unisex design, suitable for him and her
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Especially the tiniest of babies want to feel that special sense of closeness – wherever they are and whatever the time. With the baby carrier CONCORD WALLABEE, parents can move freely and yet maintain direct contact with baby‘s body every step of the way. The baby can be carried in two positions, either against the tummy or back. WALLABEE is tailor-made to provide an ergonomically ideal posture to support babies‘ sensitive bone structure, corresponding to the spread-squat sitting position recommended by orthopaedic specialists. A neck cuff plus an extra wrap with continuous size adjustment gently and comfortably support the baby‘s head. The outer fabric is 100% cotton, so it is kind to baby‘s delicate skin.


With the WALLABEE baby carrier, you can hold your baby close at all times – on either your front or your back. Ergonomically designed in line with your baby’s anatomy; with a wide shoulder strap and stable hip strap to ensure maximum comfort.


FRONT CARRYING FOR NEWLY BORN BABIES (Less than 52 cm in length)


  • The Concord Wallabee is fundamentally suitable for mature newly born babies from a body weight of 3.5 kg. When using the Concord Wallabee for a newly born baby less than 52 cm in legnth, we recommend to use a  newly-born infant insert.




  • As soon as your child is big enough (more than 52 cm in legnth) it can also be transported in the Concord Wallabee without the newly-born infant insert. The Concord Wallabe is suitable for babies and small children from 3.5 kg to a maximum of 18 kg.




  • The concord Wallabee can be used for small children who can safely independently hold their head (approx. 4 months) and also as a back carrier. If using as a back carrier, we recommend that a second person always assists when prutting on and removing.

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